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From The Director's Desk

JinShiksha is a pioneer in applying the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner' Waldorf in the area of Special needs.

The Director, Jinisha Chedda has received a special training in IRA Teacher Training Course for a span of 3 years.

Humble human being with compassion and unconditional love who believes -


Do I Educate Them or Do I Learn From Them?

What is Special?

Dictionary meaning – Special means better, greater, and different from what is usual; someone or something that is special is better or more important than other people or things.

If the above meaning is clear and we know what special means, then when we see Individuals with special needs what do we do? We Sympathize, We Empathize, We Offer Guidance, We do Charity or do we just Neglect.

Who are Individuals with Special Needs?

All individuals develop at different rates and in dif-ferent ways, but some individuals deviate from normal and hence have special needs. This affects how an individual grows and develops. Some have develop-mental delays or difficulties right after birth and others develop delays a little later. It is important to provide early support so that they can grow to his or her potentials.

To let them grow to their potentials we need to ‘LOOK’ at them BEYOND what they are and ’not just SEE them’.

When people ask me what you do and I say I am a Special Educator, their immediate reactions are – Isn’t it difficult to handle them? I answer them with a smile and then their second reaction is You must be having loads of patience. Their last statement is “You are doing a noble work”.

In my 15years of journey as a special educator I have been lucky enough to touch so many lives of the beautiful soul and they have taught me more than I could ever teach them. Here are just a few examples of what I have learned about human nature.


Being Observant

LOOK LOOK  LOOK and just don’t SEE. Look much deeper and beyond your physical seeing till you are capable to observe yourself. A child with Autism taught me to read him as he would not let me work with him and his behavior told me just look at me and then you will be able to know what I want.

Power of Touch

A child whose sensorial needs are high is disturbed and is throwing tantrums just a warm firm touch with fingers on his forehead – and he in his mother tongue Marathi says to me- I liked it please do it again.

Studies have shown the importance of touch to a healthy mind and proper socialization and development.

To be a being

A child with Cerebral palsy is not able to be a part of the physical activity but he is very well able to console the child who had a fall while running. When I was observing that I learnt just ‘BE’ what YOU ARE is very important SO Be A BEING.

True Joy

I have felt true happiness? True Achievement of Success. No fear, no judgment, just joy? That is what I get to see each and every day. They teach me to achieve success you need not follow the same process that others follow just change the process to get success. Regardless of their physical capabilities or mental function, all have the capacity to feel and share genuine, untainted joy.

If you ever find yourself questioning yourself, your faith in humanity, try spending time with the special people in your life, whomever that may.

No matter what I face in the future, I will never forget that humans, in their purest form, are genuine, joyful beings capable of loving and being loved.

Let’s Look and Not See

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