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Abstract Background


We provide training on Information Technology in different areas. We are affiliated with Skill based Development of India for certified programs.

  • Basic Computer skills

  • Microsoft office

  • MS Word

  • MS Excel

  • MS Powerpoint

  • Scratch Programming

  • Python

  • Application Development

Scratch Programming

What is scratch programming?

  • High-level block based

  • Visual programming language

  • Aimed primarily at children as an educational tool

  • Drag and drop theme

  • Fun-focused programming language

How does Scratch work?

Three important sections: 

  • Block palette: section where codes can be found to drag and drop

  • Workspace or coding area: section where the codes are been dropped

  • Stage area: result or output of the code

Scratch programming

1. Introduction to all the development tools

2. Mathematics concepts

  • Algebra

  • Coordinate geometry

3. Programming concepts

  • Sequences

  • Iteration

  • Conditionals

  • Variables

  • Data structure

4. Game development

5. Animations

What will students create during the course?

  • Animations

  • Games

  • Art

  • Music

  • Stories

Why only scratch programming?

  • Easy to use

  • Fun and practical based projects

  • Entry gate to the world of coding

  • Great foundation for future

Why scratch programming for special needs?

  • Boost in self confidence

  • Improves logical thinking

  • Ability to think differently 

  • Fosters imagination, creativity & ability to build

  • Increases focus and concentration

Why from i am able in association with kool nerdz?

  • Specially designed curriculum for young and special minds.

  • Online lectures – learn from the comfort of your home.

  • Offline lectures – learn in a classroom environment with a batch of students

  • Learning by doing – we want kids to be creators not the consumers.

  • We make learning fun and project-based

  • Pre and post assessment

So, what’s the roadmap?

  • Pre-skill level course [2.5 to 3 months]

  • Beginner level course [3 to 6 months]

  • Intermediate level course [4.5 months]

  • Advanced level course [4.5 months]

At the end of the course what will be provided?

  • Course report

  • Assessment result

  • Certification

  • Further career guidance

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