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About Aavid

Aavid – “Knowledge” in Sanskrit, was incepted during the lockdown of 2020, by two sisters, Jinisha and Kejal residing far across two states, who visualized the impact of the pandemic on children, with their parents being completely taken aback by the wave. What was evident was sheer chaos noticed in children, with parents unable to cope up the uncertainty of the future of their child’s education.


During this period, the two sisters began discussing and realized this wonderful opportunity and sowed the seeds through their acquired knowledge, to build an online platform for parents, teachers and therapists to connect and discuss various topics on a child’s health and upbringing.

What was kick started as a small online platform for discussions on keeping a child engaged during such an on-going and prevailing life situation, Aavid transitioned from small talks towards more structured courses and workshops that focused on Parenting, Special Education, Life Skills and other various teaching strategies and hosted webinars by experts in the field of Education and Mental Health. Aavid seeks inspiration through the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf, an alternative educational curriculum.

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