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Our Story

How It All Began?

"Now what are we supposed to do?" was the question put forth to JinShiskha, by the adults hit by the pandemic. These adults are well trained students wanting to earn for their daily livelihoods. This important question rolled out the initiative - "I Am Able".

What Is IAA?

"I Am Able" initiative focuses on employment for psychological and neurological challenged population. With life raising many questions about their future and the ongoing conditions making survival difficult, this initiative works at making them responsible, self-sufficient in the society and supporting them to grow just like the society expects them to be. They have been provided intensive training in education and life skills through their formative years, by JinShiskha's passionate and well-trained team.

What is IAA's request?
Every sale of their hard work infused products will motivate and encourage their self-esteem and will lead them to stand on their own feet with respect in today's society.


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