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About Us

JinShiksha is a pioneer in applying the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner's Waldorf Education in the area of Special Needs. The Director, Ms. Jinisha Chedda has received a special training in IRA Teacher Training Course for a span of 3 years.


Established in 2003, JinShiksha has been working with individuals with diverse needs across various spectrums of life. It fosters an environment of unconditional acceptance for an individual from all walks of life where a well-rounded growth of the individual’s emotional, mental, physical, cognitive and spiritual capacities are encouraged. Jinshiksha’s360 degree holistic curriculum channelizes the individual’s learning thereby developing a deeper understanding of participating in all aspects of world around them – living, social and career success.

The JinShiksha's philosophy is a belief to make an individual efficient to manage, regulate and live an independent life. Our policy is – “To Impart education for one and all” and so we have 1 in 10 children who are given education on a subsidized rate.

We offer services across the entire life span

ranging from early intervention to independent

working adult, such as -

  • Remedial Therapy

  • Occupational/Physio/Speech Therapy

  • Sensory integration

  • Music & Art Therapy

  • Emotional Wellness& Life Skills

  • Formal Education (Pratham & NIOS)

  • Consultancy for schools

  • Teacher Training Programme

  • Family &Relationship Counseling

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